Drascombe Boats Brokerage

We hold a good stock of second hand Drascombe and Devon boats in our Swanage yard. Have a look at our brokerage listing, we currently have a very nice Drascombe Dabber, Drascombe Scaffie, Drascombe Lugger, Drascombe Coaster and even a Drascombe Drifter 21 available. We are also expecting a Drascombe Longboat to come onto our brokerage in the coming weeks.

There may well come a time to sell your Devon or Drascombe boat to trade up to a larger boat such as our Coaster or Tamarisk 19 or to sell for some other reason.

At Honnor Marine, as manufacturers of our Devon range of boats we regularly get asked for the availability of second hand boats. Because of this we offer an excellent opportunity to sell your Drascombe or Devon Boat.

We offer two types of brokerage:

Full Brokerage

Normal Brokerage companies obtain their commission as a % of the selling price with the seller preparing the boat.

We operate in a different way.

As we offer a refurbishment service we can offer your second hand boat fully or partially refurbished to suit a potential buyer- we agree the selling price with the buyer with a pre agreed target price being agreed with the seller.

By offering this service a % fee is inappropriate- we could also collect your boat as well.

The seller has no commitment to sell until a deposit is taken from the buyer for the sale. Prior to this point the sale can be withdrawn, with the only cost occurring to the seller being the cost of collection and delivery, if necessary.

Remote Brokerage

If the seller is prepared to prepare the boat for sale we can offer this service. We can negotiate on your behalf, if necessary, as some people do not like to negotiate price with potential buyers.

Our price for this service is 5% of the selling price, plus V.A.T. at the prevailing rate which is currently 20%.

Through our presence within this marine sector as a manufacturer you can be assured that we offer the highest exposure of your boat to potential buyers through brokerage with us.

To view detailed documents of brokerage boats visit the brokerage list page.