Drascombe and Devon Boat Refurbishments

Why not have your Drascombe™ or Devon boat refurbished by Honnor Marine?

We pride our selves with the ability to refurbish these beautiful craft, many of which are still offering stirling service after 40 years of use.

However, these craft live in a very harsh environment and as such may require occasional refurbishment to bring them up to current standards of buoyancy and fittings available with the modern craft. 

1998 Coaster before refurbishment’ and ‘1998 Coaster after refurbishment’

We are a family firm and as such offer a pleasant and friendly experience in discussing your refurbishment project. These can be minor, from repairing gelcoat damage or revarnishing, to major refurbishment of Gigs.

We are UNIQUE in our offering of a full refurbishment service for these craft for the following reasons:

1 . We have all the moulds for ALL the pre 1998 boats, including hatch covers etc

2. We manufacture all major parts in house. These include fibre glass items, and ALL wooden parts, including gunwhale cappings, tillers mast thwarts etc.

Having DEDICATED lamination facilities enables us to offer the best possible repairs for your cherished boat. NO OTHER Drascombe™ or Devon boat refurbishment facility can offer this service. we DO NOT subcontract any laminating or gelcoat repairs. We feel we can only maintain consistent quality in this area by doing this.

With us having these DEDICATED facilities we have the in house knowledge to match gelcoat repairs. This is a specialised area and as such is very special to us. We have all the colour specifications for boats going back to the early 1970’s. Our repairs/refurbishment in this area is second to none.

Our expertise in repairs is recognised through the Drascombe™ Boat Insurance scheme.

3. We can offer a range of accessories unique to us, these include trailers specifically designed for each boat in the range, again manufactured from British Steel in our own facility using the best possible materials. NO OTHER Drascombe™ or Devon boat refurbishment facility can offer such trailers.

We also offer upgrades specifically designed by us through recommendations by our customers, many gained through practical experience in the handling of these craft “in the field”

We can be contacted via our contacts page which is here.