Devon Gig

This magnificent 7.62m (25ft) boat is an example of excellence. She has so much prominence and individuality making her an outstanding example in her class. Fitted out with bronze stem-head, bronze tiller head, bronze fairleads, she is a perfect example of a classic daysailer.

It is a popular boat used by sailing schools and adventure training schools.

She can carry up to 12 people with stability and buoyancy as approved by The European Recreational Craft Directive. The Gig has a sail area of 23.72 sq mtrs (255 sq.ft ) with an overall weight of 800kgs. This boat was originally called the Drascombe Gig and then re named to Original Devon Gig.


Standard Specification

Standard Boat Price

Price: TBA

RCD Category “C”

  • GRP Hull and Deck (White/Manilla)
  • Expanded foam buoyancy
  • First quality hardwood trim
  • Sitka spruce spars
  • Suit of terylene sails
  • Synthetic cordage
  • Brass strip from stemhead to keel including winch eye
  • Bronze stemhead fitting
  • Bronze cleats
  • Bronze fairleads
  • Laminated tiller with bronze tiller head
  • Aft Locker hatch
  • Bilge pump fitted
  • 2 Pairs of Bronze rowlock sockets
  • Galvanised centreplate
  • Galvanised kick up rudder

Vital statistics

Overall length 7.62m (25ft 0in)
Waterline length
6.24m (20ft 6in) 
Beam2.13m (6ft 3in) 
Draft (centre plate up)
0.46m (1ft 6in)
Draft (centre plate down)1.56m (5ft 1in)
Weight (complete)800Kg (1760Ibs)

Sail areas

4.93m2 (53 Sq Ft) 
16.75m2 (180 Sq Ft) 
Mizzen 2.04m2 (22 Sq Ft)
23.72m2 (255 Sq Ft)